Saturday, July 31, 2010

Stressful day at work = Relaxing night at home

I work at the front desk of a local hotel.  These means I get to work around really happy people enjoying vacation, really angry people upset that things aren't going perfectly, and everything in between.  Today was tough.  It could have been just fine but I overlooked a few things and made an easy situation get really confusing.  So I got frustrated. Frustrated at the guest, frustrated at myself, just frustrated at everything in general, and I feel for the poor people that had to deal with my bad attitude after all this went down.  I calmed down though.  Finished the night off happy and calm, although that situation was still in the back on my mind.  I came home and figured the best solution was to lay down in bed, light some candles, and spend some time in the Word.  I'm feeling refreshed and ready to go back to work, something I was so not ready to do earlier.  All I need now is a back massage and I'll be a happy camper!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 13

Never has a number looked so beautiful on a scale.  I'm getting excited!  I was at 135 this morning, but I figured close enough.  So this is 10 pounds in two weeks.  Last weekend wasn't a diet weekend though.  Between a bachelorette party, day at Water World, and then a wedding, healthy eating was not a priority.  But Monday I was able to get right back into the swing of things.  It's hard to stick with the diet while at work.  I work the front desk at a local hotel and there is a restaurant right across the lobby that we can order food from for 50% off, and its good food!  Aside from that, my coworkers go and get tasty drinks all the time: Shirley Temples, Italian Sodas, not the mention the free pop that is available.  So far I'm doing OK but it really is a daily struggle.  Though I'm at my goal weight I'm going to continue the diet for a couple more least one.  We'll see how motivated I can keep myself!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 1

Today is the first day of my diet.  The goal is 10 pounds and I have until school starts, so about a month.  In December of last year I weighed in at 165 pounds.  I started the HCG diet, which is INTENSE, and was down to 145 by March.  I'm hanging around that weight right now.  I feel awesome, happy, energetic, much much better than I did back in December but my goal is 135.  I am not unhappy at my current weight.  I feel good, and I feel like I look good, but I know I would look and feel even healthier at 135.  So heres to accomplishing things you set your mind to!  Let's do this!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Family Matters

I have learned so much from my family.  They are my support and encouragement.  I honestly don't know where I would be today without them.  

My dad is just like me.  We think the same and it's nice having someone so similar to me.  He went to Mines and is able to understand what I'm going through and is being incredibly supportive in whatever I choose to do.  He's not the kind of dad that forced me to do what he thought was best and I am so thankful for that.

My mom is one of my closest friends.  I have a great relationship with her even though we butt heads often.  I can talk to her about anything and she always has great insight and advice to give.  I got my brain from my dad but I got my looks from my mom.  Dark skin, hair, and eyes are all traits that I got from her.  Among the high-school football team, she is the "hot mom" and I will be blessed if I get to age as gracefully as her.  

My brother is the opposite of me.  I enjoy sitting and learning and doing homework where-as David needs to be outside doing something active.  All sports come naturally to him.  He was a star football player, wrestled, and now is golfing.  He is always active and loves snowboarding during the winter and being out on the lake during the summer.  He is quite a ladies man but doesn't take advantage of that.  He knows what he wants in a relationship and is waiting out for that.  

My sister is as different from me and my brother as can be.  Rebekah has an incredible voice and loves theater and acting.  She is unbelievably talented for her age and people do not believe that she is only 13.  She is so mature and so wise for a 13 year old.  I love going home and practicing make-up, experimenting with new cute hair styles, and painting nails with Bekah.  

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

Two of my favorite things are peanut butter and giraffes. Peanut butter I eat out of the jar on a spoon. Nothing to supplement that pure joy. I once went through a 3 pound tub in 3 weeks. I shouldn't really be proud of that fact but I kind-of am. It was finals, I blame that. Another thing that always brings me joy is a giraffe. There are several reasons I love these awkward creations. For one, they should not work but do by God's grace alone. They are also adorable. And they are tall, an area where I fall short. I remember passing time in English by drawing giraffes with my friend Briana. She is impressively good, a talent I am not blessed to have. Another thing that I will never tire of: the smell of laundry. There is nothing better than that smell and I am probably the only person you will meet that enjoys doing laundry.
Now that you know my favorite things, introductions are in order. I am Rachael, a 20 year old college student trying to find herself. I am in love with my Savior who continues to bless me despite my sinful ways. He has given me a wonderful family and an amazing group of friends that continue to support me in whatever I am doing at the moment. I am a junior at the Colorado School of Mines, a school that I love despite everything it puts us students through. I am getting a degree in Bio-Chemical Engineering. I love engineering and especially the bio-chemical side of it and would want a degree in nothing else. This begs the question, why am I writing then? Learning engineering has severely hindered my spelling and grammar, but although I don't generally enjoy writing, I figured I would try blogging out, mainly as a way to talk through things with myself. I hope that you can get something out of this along with me.