Monday, June 6, 2011

Messy Rooms

Mine, for one, is a disaster area.  Laundry everywhere, disorganized desk, just madness.  

Also 310, the hotel room I just checked a guest into.  Seems like it was the last room to get done and someone must have forgot halfway through because only part of the room was cleaned.  It sucks to be in this situation because it was nothing that I did, yet I am the only person the guest has to deal with about it. Luckily we got everything situated eventually and the guest was not super upset about it. I feel so embarrassed though.  And I can't get my heart to calm down.  

Muscle relaxants seem to be helping though :)  

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shiny Happy People

Summer brings the wild, crazy, mean people to the hotel.  The latest example? Being a slave to Satan herself.  But praise be to God, there are also nice people.  Today was a day full of nice people.  And I made a friend!

A guest called from a few blocks away asking for directions.  I thought my directions were clear enough, two right turns and you've reached your destination!  But he called 10 minutes later hopelessly lost.  It was a bonding moment only furthered when he finally reached the hotel and checked in.

He came a little bit later for some wine...and also some beer and we got to chatting.  Like I said, good friends.  He headed back to the room, his wife, and his two little ones, and I back to work.  I like having fun with guests and this is generally the extent that I'll talk to them.  But me and my new friend had one more meeting when I walked out of the back door of the hotel and caught him and his wife making out.  Good, good friends.

That man single-handedly made the last week and a half at work worth it.  I'm just sorry I can't say goodbye tomorrow.