Monday, January 31, 2011

Living Like Mike

Fruita, Colorado got put on the map in 1945.  With a headless chicken.  Mike was supposed to be dinner, ended up living for 18 months, without a head.

I feel like Mike right now.  Running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  Life's just been really busy.  I have stuff going on all the time. Even the time spent being lazy I'm multitasking. But I am finally at a place of rest, for a few days at least.

I'm ready to spend some time by myself.  I need to think, I need to remember.  When life gets busy it's hard to realize all the ways that you are constantly being blessed and I think I am at that place.  I am so happy and am not getting stressed amidst the crazy that is rapidly taking over my life, but I really can't remember the last time I put time aside to think about how wonderful my life is.

I don't see the "headless chicken routine" slowing down any time soon, but I am excited to see what happens in that.  There are so many things in my life right now that have so much potential to bring joy and I can't wait to embrace that and live with total joy again.

In talking to a friend about spiritual vision for this semester, I was able to realize something that I'm missing and hope to bring back into my life again soon.  I want to fall in love with God again.  I need to feel His embrace and comfort and let Him take control.  I want my cup to overflow with Him and everything He has given me.  After feeling so alone and so forsaken, getting the slightest glimpse at what He has in store for this semester is already changing my entire world.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Uncontrollable Dancing

For the past few days, things have been going my way.  It started with a free song download.  Of the three options, one just happened to a song I have recently fallen in love with.  A song that inspires uncontrollable dancing.  I can prove it.

Then I got to hang out with people I missed dearly.  We had a fun get together where we played games and ate delicious food, thanks to our beautiful hostess!!  Although Catchphase (first time I ever played!) and Uno (One of my favorite games, despite the simplicity) were great fun, the most memorable part of the night was playing Xbox Kinect.  What an incredible system!  So much fun to play and even more fun to watch!!  I have many more blurry pictures to prove it.  And videos :)  Those will only be used for blackmail.  

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Break

Long time no blog!  I have several things to blame, but I also think that I have this weird disorder that kinda sucks.  A disorder where I do nothing when I have nothing to do, and then when I have a million things to do I enjoy killing myself by adding even more.  For example, I slept over break, for like a lot of it.  But today I was pretty much non-stop, yet I feel like I have the energy to write a blog post at 1:30 in the morning...

But break went something like this.

Baking with the sista.
Mmm, tasty treat platter!!
Trying the buttermilk for a recipe.  For any curious, no, it is not delicious.
Then Christmas.  It started with work on Christmas Eve, not a huge deal, but mean people almost took away my Christmas spirit.  I just don't understand being rude... Grinch's...  But then there was lots more baking and family time which brought the happy back into my life.
Me and my sister again, sporting our aprons.
A couple days later was a surgery.  No worries, I'm not dying or anything.  This is where the sleeping comes in.
Part of the reason I slept for almost 3 straight days.
So there was break.  Exciting, I know.  But it really was restful and I spent a lot of time with my family, who I love despite some crazy.

I have had a little bit more bloggable material during the past couple of days so I won't be so absent.  I've missed you too.