Saturday, September 24, 2011

84 cookies

When I'm stressed, I like to bake.  It relieves stress.  It lets me focus on something I can control.  It's something I'm good at.  

This week I baked 84 cookies.  

It's been a really really busy crazy week.  And this was supposed to be an easy week!  I don't understand why it got so crazy but let me tell you...

I think part of why I've been stressed is because I no longer go home when I have breaks at school.  I enjoy breaks at school because it gives me the potential to work on homework (although that hasn't happened to the extent I would like yet) and it's nice to see people I don't have class with.  But on the other hand, I think there is something really restful about being at home.  Even if your working, it's more restful.  So I think that's really been wearing on me.  Tuesday I left home at 8 and got back at 1 in the morning.  The other days have been pretty similar.  

Next week is looking even busier.  I have 3 tests next week.  And we are doing the IV Proxe Station.  I'm really excited for the proxe, it just came at a bad time.  On the plus side, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon classes are canceled since my professor is going to a beer festival.  I am excited for that!  

But I need to start focusing on how I am going to handle stress and busy weeks like these.  To start with, I need to use my time more wisely.  To be more productive at school, and multitask when I am working on simpler things.  And I need to sleep.  I should probably also make time to take bathes with a glass of wine, that would be helpful.  And I need to actually talk about it.  

When I am emotionally and relationally drained, it is really hard to me to be nice and energetic and happy around the people I am most comfortable around and care for me the most.  It just creates problems where there shouldn't be which creates more stress.  So I really need to attempt to change in that way.  Not easy.  

I would also like to start running again.  It would be really beneficial for me to get outside and be more active and I think it would really help me clear my mind.  But there's that whole lack of time thing to deal with...

I feel like I'm just ranting about how crazy life is, but that is all that I can think of right now.  Right now my to-do list is running through my mind, full of things I need get started on.  So, I should probably go.  But I would like to start blogging more consistently.  No promises though.  

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Today at work a 70 year old man hinted about his sex life.

I know it's important to ask people how they are doing and to be interested in their lives.  I never realized how dangerous that truly was until today.  Too. Much. Information.

Pretty clever title, huh? :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011