Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Quite A Process

Today is devoted to studying for Process. Hence a fish bowl filled with hot chocolate.

This thing is seriously 4 inches in diameter. And it makes me happy. I was going to create a Closed Loop Process Diagram to describe my mood with hot chocolate and Process, but I'm too lazy.

My professor has sent out 3 emails in the past 3 hours giving us minute-to-minute updates and his day and when he is available to answer questions. It's like he's trying to make up for something...

Monday, March 5, 2012

Busy Weekends!!

A couple of weeks ago my post was about wonderful weekends and how much fun I was having. It's a little different this week. I'm drowning. Usually during the week I have one homework assignment and one quiz due Monday morning. Sometimes other little things will get thrown in there but I'm typically incredibly spoiled. 

Last week I had the normal Heat Transfer homework and quiz for Monday, 2 Engineering Econ projects due Tuesday, a Genetics worksheet due Wednesday, work and Econ project due Thursday, and Process homework due Friday. It was a bit overwhelming. Stuff is changing with bible study so that's different and new, there was more prep for leaders meeting this week, not to mention the 2 hour long conversation I had with Daniel as well. All of these added things are good and I love doing them but with all of the added homework on top, I was going crazy.

Then over the weekend we had Fund Development Training for our Intern year. It was a great weekend, met some awesome people, and learned a lot. However, talking about money stresses me out and talking about asking people for money stresses me out even more. There is so much time and effort I need to put into fundraising. I know that it is a good thing, I know it's important, and I know it's worth it. But it's really overwhelming to think of it now and all of the meetings I need to make.

Now I'm onto another crazy week. I have four tests this week, one for every class. I also have extra homework due. I'm tired, my brain is exhausted from this weekend, I miss Brett so much, I don't get a break until after the Spring Break Trip, and there is still so much to do.

I know that this is a very busy week for a bunch of people out there. This weekend taught me that God will provide in miraculous, unexpected ways. I'm hoping he will work through my fog and exhaustion and provide me with the strength and focus to study hard this week and serve next week.