Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Any Takers??

I have 4 coupons to the California Pizza Kitchen if anyone wants them.  They expire Oct. 8.  They are kind-of a scratch off coupon thing except someone at the CPK has to open it for you to see what your prize is.  Let me know if you want them!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Someone please help us, us college kids!

Quick hello,

My week is crazy busy.  I've never had a week thats been so packed with work so it will be interesting to see how I come out of it.

I have an exciting weekend coming up.  It's Fall Conference and we get to spend a few days away from school, work, and homework, and relax up in Estes.  I'm so ready to let go of this stress.  I'm also really ready for a break from the hotel.  I was not made to work in customer service...

I've discovered a few things about myself lately.  Mainly, I am a selfish and greedy person.  Especially with my time and money.  It's something that I've known and tried to work on but this past week those two faults have become overwhelmingly apparent.  It's something I'll talk more about later...probably.

Here are some fun pictures from forever ago.

This was from Spaghetti Dinner and Field Day that we (Intervarsity) put on at the beginning of the school year.  I believe I made 10 lbs of pasta for that.  We had left over pasta for at least a month after that.

These flowers were a birthday gift from one of my favorite people ever.  Unfortunately she was sick the night we went out and partied up Golden and I didn't have a chance to see her until a week later.  In her defense, the flowers were alive on my birthday, just not when I got them.  Little does she know that dead flowers are one of my favorite things.  :)

In an effort to make weekly bowling nights more exciting, we decided to play a way where we switched bowling strategies every frame.  This frame was the most fun.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Derive This

Warning:  I am feeling slightly over-dramatic about homework right now.  I apologize.

This homework should be titled death.  My new least favorite phrase is "derive an expression."  These problems are so frustrating because we won't ever do them again.  The test will be problems using the equation that we are currently deriving.  I don't know about the rest of you, but it helps me more to practice applying the equation rather than deriving it...
On a happy note, fluids is not due Friday!!!  This brings me much joy.
Ok, off to finish this homework.  If you don't hear from me for a few days I might have died.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons

I think most people tend to bite into lemons and just accept the bitterness that comes with them.  I've been there, many times before.  But I have moments when rather than biting into the bitterness, I make lemonade, and whistle while doing so.  In reality I can't whistle, but in metaphors I think pretending is allowed.
Life will always give you lemons.  I believe the only way to handle them is with joy, not happiness, joy.  Happiness is temporary.  It can be changed depending on how many lemons you are trying to juggle.  Joy cannot be shaken.  I can't tell you how to live with joy, how to push aside the stress and worry and live with an inner peace, but I think one step is recognizing what in your life is sugar.
I have some lemons that I was given tonight.  But my life has also had an abundance of sugar this past week.  The perfect recipe for lemonade!  I just want to encourage those of you with lemons, you can do something other than bite into the bitterness.  Find the sugar in your life.  Let it permeate the lemons.  Let it give you peace.

Sweet Tooth

Lately the weather has been a lot of heat and not a lot of fall.  I'm a sweater and jeans girl so I'm ready for some cooler weather.  But the heat has given me a reason to snack on some delicious frozen treats.  One of my personal favorites: frozen Mars.  I like any kind of frozen candy bar actually, but Mars is the front runner.  I've also discovered a Peanut Butter Chocolate Shake that is way too good to be true.
My favorite though is Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream...see a trend??
Haagen-Dazs has the best.  It's the closest thing to heaven in a spoon.  You can thank me later.

Monday, September 13, 2010


For those of you that don't know, I have a pet snake.  He lives in my bathroom window and occasionally will say hello.  Seeing as he was on the other side of the glass, Rupert and I were friends.
He's in the middle with his head resting on the stick.

One morning I was getting ready and while brushing my teeth, turned my head towards the window only to see Rupert's head on my window sill...INSIDE the bathroom.  Rupert and I's friendship was based solely on the fact that he was living outside of the window so at this point, it was survival of the fittest.
I quickly ran out of the bathroom, grabbed my camera for proof, and then proceeded to finish getting ready...outside of the bathroom.  Before leaving, I went into the bathroom to check on him and make sure I was leaving him were I could see him...only I couldn't.  Rupert had disappeared.  I only had a few minutes left before needing to leave and I spent that precious time booby-trapping my room.   After my friends had fun telling me all the places he could show up (my bed, shoes, etc.) they came over to help me snake hunt.  We found him outside again but he hid in the wall before we could get him.  Needless to say, now there is tape over the crack in the window and me and Rupert are friends again.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Show You Love

I've been a less than exciting blogger these past few weeks.  It started with bloggers block, and then life got crazy and blogging was one of the first things to go.  So I apologize, but I feel up to it again, hopefully this time it will stick.
Life has been keeping me busy lately.  I'm taking 16 hours this semester, and hard ones at that.  I'm also working  part-time in a hotel, crazy stories to come, and then leading a bible study as well.  Even though I've been running at about a million miles an hour, life is great.  I'm greatly encouraged and surprised at changes that I've seen in myself and others this semester.
Staying busy doesn't come without consequences though.  This past week was really hard.  I had two tests, not extremely difficult, but they did add additional stress.  I was working mornings which is not normal, and work was really mentally draining  I had to get to work at 7 on my late days at school, and then school at 8 on the days I wasn't working.  Sleep was a rare-find and the accumulation of all of these things added up to one emotional wreck.  I've never felt like such an emotional roller-coaster.
The stressful week wasn't all bad though.  Friends noticed what I was going through and surrounded me with support and love.  I've never been so encouraged.  It was really uplifting and reminded me how important these wonderful people are in my life.
So to everyone that loved me so well this past week, thank you so much.  I don't think you realized what a true blessing you were.