Wednesday, March 30, 2011


After not sleeping and studying anatomy for 6 hours straight, I decided to sit down with some breakfast and my email inbox and all important emails have finally been replied to!!  

I would post a picture of said beautiful empty inbox, but it's only uploading side ways :(

Off to go do some aerobics now.  Weekend starts at 2!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mini Band-aids

Saying that I have a busy 2 days is an understatement.  I have two tests, two lab reports, and just a lot of stuff I need to know.  I woke up feeling overwhelmed and lost.  Just not really even knowing where to start.  But as the day continued, I started feeling better about where I stood.  Honestly, I felt a change every minute, and now, even though I do have a lot of stuff to finish, I feel ok.  

I have a bad habit of keeping my burdens to myself.  I don't feel like anyone should have to carry that for or with me, but unfortunately, this habit spread to God and I don't let him take anything off of my shoulders.  This is something I noticed with a painful slap in the face last week, so I've been trying to change, trying to give him my burdens and the burdens of my friends as well.  I think thats why I'm feeling ok.  I'm pretty sure God understands the principles of thermodynamics so He won't have any problems with me passing these labs onto Him :)  

Today, I discovered a tiny cut on top of my hand that hurt like none other.  It's in a place that is constantly moved so I feel it all the time.  I found a mini band-aid though, and it makes me feel better, mostly because it's mini.  

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My New Pen

Life is busy.  Spring break kinda accelerated everything, which really wasn't the plan.  I've been trying to be more productive, but my ability to focus and actually work is seriously lacking.  This post may or may not be my way of procrastinating...

But I did want to share something new in my life that has brought immense joy.  This pen is wonderful.  It's like the cheapest pen ever, there isn't even a brand, but I love my handwriting with it and that just makes me really happy.

Also, this picture was taken with my phone.  I have fallen in love with the iphone!  I don't know how I lived without it.

I have had some really great conversations with friends.  About pain and struggle and new exciting things to come.

AND, I have found the best Pandora station. Christina Perri is the artist and the music is the most random assortment of most of the music I love.

This month has been really hard, but has really blessed me.  I'm excited for what else is in store.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blogger's Block

I don't know why I always find it so difficult to start writing a new post on Burning Embers.  I generally have an idea of what I want to say, but I think that my writing gets better the further on in the post.  So, I'm gonna practice and rant here first I suppose.  Large Group tonight was about judging people.  I'm a judgmental person.  I try not to let people know that I am judging them, but it leads to me getting really annoying over really stupid things; like bad drivers. I judge drivers all the time, and I get mad and frustrated, and that makes me a worse driver, which makes me more mad.  It's just a never ending cycle.

And I hate people that judge, I know, I realize the hypocrisy.  I firmly believe that we are called to love everyone and in that, not judge them.  But for some reason, I cannot apply this to myself.  I am able to give strangers a free pass (somewhat), but I am really hard on my friends.  I just hold you all to a really high standard, and I ignore the plank.

...Inspired.  This worked.