Thursday, January 26, 2012

Life Update

If busyness was measured by a lack of blog posts, then you would be able to tell how busy I am.  Between school, InterVarsity, and planning a wedding my days are packed full.  But it's fun stuff going on :)

Normal, I guess.  Taking 13 credit hours this semester and so far it's been pretty easy.  It's nice to have a little bit of extra time to give to other things since homework isn't taking as long.  I have 1 1/2 years left.  My class schedule shouldn't be too hard during those which is a total blessing.

A lot has been going on with IV this semester.  3 of the other 5-year Seniors and I are hoping to be student interns next year.  We find out in a few days if that is officially happening and we are all incredibly excited for the potential the internship has for us.  The 4 of us and 3 others on the Vision Team were invited to a staff conference in Florida last weekend.  It was such an incredible experience; we were able to see how passionate all of the InterVarsity staff are and my mind was opened to some different possibilities that I've never thought of before.  I also got to meet the Area Director of the University of Texas down in Austin (my hopefully future boss).  We had lunch together and chatted about our different campuses and what IV looked like at each of them.  And we talked about future possible needs in Texas; places where I could potentially go.  It was an intense weekend and we all learned so much.

I've been having a lot of fun leading a bible study with Kevyn.  It's been great getting to know him better and we have such an amazing group of people!  They all have such potential to be great leaders in IV.  I see at least two of them on the Vision Team in a couple of years.  One of my girls is already on the Admin Team and the other is taking over the blog.  This is kinda bittersweet for me.  I'm so excited that she is willing to take on this task and is doing so with excitement and joy.  She is a great writer and I could pick no one better to take Burning Embers over.  We were talking about it last night and I was giving her the low-down and I could feel my grip of Burning Embers tighten.  I'm excited for her to have it and excited to see how she makes it better.

The most changes in my life have happened in this area.  Date is set for June 23rd at 10 am.  Place is The Gatehouse at Lionsgate Center.  Dress is bought, colors chosen, then changed, then changed again...for the last time, I promise!  Bridesmaids picked, invited, and dresses found.  Engagement pictures taken (we will get them soon!!), Save-the-Dates chosen, then changed.  Guest list is way too long; we need to start kicking people off which just makes me sad.  Then we need to get everyone's addresses.  I found some invites I like but with the most recent color change it didn't work as well as I hoped.  So I went Tuesday and looked at different invites for 2 hours and settled on the same one as before :/  That is a decision I'll be putting off for a while.  We are meeting with the caterers on Sunday and the Cake people in a couple of weeks.  It's on it's way to getting all planned.  More details will come later :)

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