Monday, April 30, 2012

Dear Josh,

Since you have been pointing out my lack of blogging, this one is devoted to you; rather, written because of you. 

This year is almost done! I am just printing off my Engineering Economics "Investment Game" Report. We've already taken the final so after this I am done! In Process, we are just working on more pesky workshops even though we've already taken the final. He initially said they were extra credit, but after assigning more, no one knows what they are worth... Lots of miscommunication (i.e. lack of any helpful communication at all) in that class.

I'm very excited to be done with school. I am very not excited for Field Session. From what I hear, it focuses on aspects of engineering that I'm not well suited for. I'm not a problem solver when it comes to engineering problems, so hopefully I'll have good groups that help bring that out of me. The 6 days between the end of school and beginning of Field Session are quite full already. There is a day devoted to Doctors appointments (woohoo!), wedding stuff with family, dinner with the family-in-laws in which I ask for financial support for the internship (yikes!), my bridal shower (yay!!), and moving back into the Unicorn House. Busy, busy! But I'm excited to feel productive and to move on from this stage of of the year. Field Session will feel like a whirlwind I'm guessing, so the wedding will sneak up on me! Kinda a scary thought considering what needs to be done but also a super exciting thought!!

What's keeping me going is thinking of being on a beach with my husband. Honeymoon: T-54 days! 

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