Monday, February 20, 2012

Wonderful Weekends

What a fantastic weekend!! With President's Day off on Monday and class cancelled on Tuesday, I was blessed with a 4 day weekend. As if that wasn't enough, this weekend was Soiree! That did mean missing out on Date Night because the boys were decorating for Soiree all night on Friday. But I got to spend all night on Friday learning about and playing pinochle with the roomies which was fun. 

All Saturday was spent at an adorable Tea Party getting ready for the night. Soiree was themed as a dinner theater and the place looked fantastic! It was fun to introduce the younger girls to the blessing that the boys do for us. It was a really great night!

I think the best part of the weekend though was on Sunday. I spent the day relaxing and being calm and looking forward to a make-up Date Night since we missed out on Friday. Right before Brett came over I was reading in bed and ended up falling asleep. I woke up to my man sitting on my bed with flowers and a card. He even picked flowers that are a color I wear often, even though it's not his favorite color. And it was the greatest way to wake up ever! I'm glad he's mine forever :)

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